For whatever reason I always seem to be drawn to pieces that depict the sun, the moon, and the stars. I think it must be the 90’s kid in me. When I think of stars and planets I always think back to the glow in the dark galaxy I used to have in my bedroom as a kid. I stuck those little stars on absolutely everything! I think I even tried to rock them on face, paired with the roll on glitter I was already covered in 24/7… I definitely looked like something from another planet. I was also drawn to this dress in particular because the sun reminded me of one of my all time favorite CD’s growing up, Sublime. You can see it too, cant you?! Anyways, since I knew I just had to have this dress, I thought I could style it for one last festival look (boo, so sad it’s over!) I simply threw in a fringe bag, my Coachella branded hat by H&M, and an oversized denim jacket, and WAH-LA an outfit that can be worn on the festival grounds from day to night…or should I say under the sun and the moon!

Dress / Hat / Jacket / Bag / Boots