I guess you could say now I have this thing with birds. I know, I know, if its not one thing its another with me. Always onto the next trend!

Have you noticed the bird print craze this year? I think ideally this print is more for a summer season but I have seen some really great transitional pieces with birds flying into fall. I think you would especially recognize this trend on bomber jackets and embroidered mesh pieces. I know “bird” is a bit broad, so what kind of bird are we talking about? Well, the list for the popular beauties really goes on and on. However most of what I’ve been seeing is cranes, swans, blue jays, and black birds. And not to make things more complicated but I think there is a more appropriate bird for each season. For example, swans are the perfect print for your swimwear this summer, where black birds tend to look more sophisticated and can be pulled off more on darker hues for fall blouses and dresses.

I just love watching how prints evolve over time. There are always going to be those classics that never go away each year and then there is always something a bit new. I remember last year I wrote about the cactus print craze for summer. While cactus print still lives on, I believe the bird is really stealing the show this summer.

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