I have a problem… I’m currently addicted to bomber jackets! Part of that problem is that it’s still summer time and I have found myself forcing these jackets into my wardrobe on really hot days, I just cant wait till Fall! This is absolutely a must have item that will give you the most bang for your buck lasting winter through spring.

The bomber jacket has really taken on a new look this year. 2016 is all about the details, the more colorful embroidery, the better. However if some of the bold floral prints are too much for you, there are some really beautiful solid satin ones out there as well. It also now comes in a wide variety of fabrics such as silk, lace, mesh, and leather. What I really love about this piece is that you can throw it on with just about any simple outfit to give it a little edgy kick. I like pairing mine with jeans, sneakers, and a sexier top to avoid looking like a little school girl. I would also throw one on over a dainty slip dress and heels for date night or a fun night a out. You can find a bomber jacket just about anywhere these days at a variety of prices. I personally think some of the most beautiful ones come out of vintage thrift shops, and that little bit of natural distressing totally nails the growing streetwear trend.

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