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Mike and I recently took our summer vacation in Santa Monica, California for just about a week. Believe it or not, the thought of a possible engagement didn’t even cross my mind. When you’ve been together for as long as we have (6 years), every vacation you go on people say “OMG he’s going to propose!” After awhile you start to kind of roll your eyes, “yeah, yeah.”

The day of our engagement we traveled to LA to meet up with a friend for lunch. Our friend Brad later insisted on following us back to Santa Monica to take us to one of his favorite restaurants there for dinner. Once we got back to our hotel Mike and I got ourselves cleaned up and decided we would watch the sunset on the beach before meeting back up with Brad. As we walked down the beach Mike stopped me before sitting down and said “I think you know what I’m about to do,” as he reached into his pocket… I honestly couldn’t tell you a word he said after that. The amount of joy and shock I had experienced in that moment took me to my knees and left me completely speechless (minus the weird crying sounds exploding out of me). It turns out we were never going to dinner with Brad. Rather, Mike had asked him to help set up a photographer to sneak up behind us at the beach to capture the entire moment.

What surprised me most about getting engaged is that although I was sure it would happen for us some day, I was still completely STUNNED the moment Mike got down on a knee. Let me tell you, there’s no other feeling in the world quite like it! Being engaged really doesn’t hit you until you go from calling him “my boyfriend” to “my fiance” in casual conversations (it’s so weird!). There’s also the new feeling of pride and strength you get when you walk into a room together with a ring on your finger. Above all, the amount of love and support we received from all of our friends and family upon getting engaged was completely overwhelming. We are both still floating on cloud 9 and are so excited to begin this next chapter in our relationship.