I’m in love with this transitional outfit, it reminds me of the 90’s grunge era and all the classic teen movies I had on repeat every weekend. From the plaid, to the choker, to the velvet, you’re looking at the rebirth of the all time fave, Clueless!

Plaid in any form is a must this time of year. As we start to transition to cooler temps, no other print says fall quite like plaid does. I really love this particular dress because it’s an easy throw on and being sleeveless AND a midi, I can mix and match with so many different jackets and shoes depending on the weather.

But really this dress is more of a great opportunity to showcase these amazing boots! Now if you paid any attention to falls fashion  week, you know velvet is THE fabric of season. While it’s available in so many amazing pieces such as handbags, jumpsuits, and jewelry, I think velvet shoes are going to be the most popular trend we see. At this point I don’t even think you can even over do it by owning a couple different pairs of velvet shoes. Other than the bootie, I’d say a great pair of classic velvet heels are going to be a holiday must this year as well. My two pieces of advice with this textile is to try tying it together with another small velvet accessory and to avoid feeling uber fancy, pair the garment with something a little more unexpected, like a good pair of denim.

Dress / Shoes / Necklace / Bracelet