Surprise, surprise I’m introducing another grunge-era fashion trend to the blog this morning. The latest patch trend has me seriously reliving my youth this year. Remember the days where your jean jacket, baseball hat, and backpack were all completely covered in personalized patches? Even those little yellow smiley faces and yin yang signs are back! I picked up this denim skirt from Pacsun already complete with the most perfect patches that radiate West Coast vibes. However, if you aren’t able to find a ready made piece with the right patches to represent you, I highly recommend making a fun DIY out of it. There are so many clothing stores that sell patches separately, combine those with some finds in Hobby Lobby and the thrift shop, and you’re sure to have the perfect patchwork to rep all season long.

Another trend I’m starting to get into this year is a new print for me, stars. You really cant go anywhere these days without seeing star-studded dresses, blouses, and accessories. From bold stars to baby stars, every woman should have at least one of these prints in her closet this year. I personally think the bold star print is a little better for summer, especially with some of the great classic pieces Wrangler came out with this year. Moving into Fall, I think the tiny star print can add the perfect little boho flare to any casual, cozy outfit. The star print is a bit edgier than the familiar floral and typically a bit easier to mix and match with other prints and textures as well.

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