Just as the leaves change, so does our style and so should our makeup. Aveda recently introduced their fall 2016 makeup collection, Foklor and I could not be more in love with the palette. Entering this season we are seeing tons of beautiful jewel tones and these bohemian lip and eye shades are sure to only enhance your overall look.

The makeup collection includes a little bit of everything for everyone, from shiny metallics, to soft pinks and then deep purple and green tones. The best part about each of these products is they actively work to care for the skin so you can be sure you arent applying anything harmful to the face. In my experience, It’s been difficult to find a natural base yet full coverage makeup. I specifically noticed the lip stains to have some of the longest wears in the palette. Here’s a closer look at each of the products below:


Nourish-mint smoothing lip color in carnelian; a warm, deep red and petal essence


Single eye colors in chia; a cool, deep purple with satin finish; rose quartz, a warm, medium pink with satin finish; dusted sage, a cool, medium green with satin finish; and balsam, a cool, deep green with satin finish.


One other Aveda product I recently tried along with the makeup collection in this months BCA hand relief cream. Every October, Aveda releases a new hand cream, with a different scent for Breast Cancer Awareness month. $4 of the purchase price supports cruelty-free research through the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.This lotion is truly soft and silky and has a really nice subtle, fresh smell, I highly recommend!