My inner 90’s kid is screaming right now…hello again overalls! Yes it’s true, they’re back!

This is certainly one of those love/hate trends. I think the one thing that holds women back from embracing overalls again is the thought of looking like a child. If this is a concern of yours my suggestion is to style them with a number of different grown up pieces, a good heel or handbag for example. It would probably be a good idea to avoid putting your hair in pigtails that day as well. However, the look I’m loving most right now is overalls paired with an off the shoulder top. I think it shows off just the right amount of skin and exudes just the right amount of sexy paired with this childhood throwback.

Although overalls these days may not be like the ones you remember. There are now so many new chic styles on the market, they’re starting to give the jumpsuit a run for its money. Some of my new favorite styles include the flare, halter, jumper, and button front. Defiantly start keeping an eye out for those jumpers, I’ve been starting to see a lot of really amazing corduroy ones hit stores for Fall!

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