If you’ve been shopping in ANY store lately I’m sure you’ve been seeing the overload of patriotic apparel for summer. Usually I’m not too big on buying into the patriotic theme for holidays because I always think I’ll probably only wear this American Flag printed number once a year. However, this year I’m trying to be a bit more open minded.

Nordstrom started carrying a really cute collection of American pieces that have a little bit of a vintage feel that I can really dig. Anything that says I probably had this same shirt when I was 8 in 1997, I have to have! I also feel like with the stars and stripes trends that have popped up this year make looking patriotic more effortless than ever. A few other pieces I would suggest investing in if you don’t want to be over the top 4th of July is more classic name brands. Adidas, Levis, and Tommy Hilfiger are all popular, comeback brands that have a bit of that ‘Merica feel.

Speaking of Adidas, I’ve been wanting to throw more of their clothing into the outfits I style and I feel I finally found the perfect opportunity with this look. Track pants are such a huge trend right now and tons of unexpected brands are starting to make their own versions. I love seeing these pants paired with something a little more edgy and chic rather than going for a full athletic look. I know it sounds weird but they can actually be really cute paired with a nice blouse and heels, I would just say go with a less “sporty” brand and material. I thought I’d try to make my Memorial Day weekend outfit a good combination of casual, stylish, and patriotic. By pairing my USA tee and striped track pants with my favorite newsboy hat and platform mules, I feel like the American edition of my girl Sporty Spice.

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