Guess who’s back, back again… GUESS is back!

Similar to my last post, I wanted to share another favorite brand that made a big return this summer. It seems like the logo tee is now the new graphic tee, and I’m surprisingly loving it considering you couldn’t have paid me to wear anything with a big logo on it just a few years ago. Guess is just one of those iconic brands. While I hardly ever shop their store anymore since prices have sky rocketed over the years, I still have an appreciation for their vibe. To me its classic, its denim on denim on denim and its timeless. When I was a kid I remember obsessing over their look books and models, they were like the VS models before VS took over the world.,,and they’re still killin the game!

Another trend I brought into this look is loafers. I seriously cant get enough of these fancy little slides. I’ve bought a few embroidered pairs to spice up my wardrobe and a couple basics to wear with anything. However, my favorite way to wear loafers is with a slightly odd pairing. I think throwing them on with a graphic tee and jeans is super cute or even denim shorts and an oversized sweater. Sure, they’re great with something more formal like a pantsuit but I think pulling them into a more casual every day look is whats reinvented for women this year.

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