Continuing with the embroidery craze… I found this gorgeous slip dress that can be styled a number of different ways. With Valentines Day right around the corner I thought this piece would be the perfect purchase for date night that I could also still turn around and wear for everyday.

For a hot date I would pair this dress with a cute pair of stilettos and a fitted leather jacket. This slip also came with a light pink choker scarf to match the fabric of the dress, which would be more ideal for a fancy night out too. To bring this little guy into my everyday life I knew I had to make it a bit more “desert chic.” I replaced the choker with a bandana and paired it with a suede fringe jacket and booties.

Another thing I switched up a bit in this look was my jewelry. This long J Ware Collection necklace just screams romance to me and is such a great layering piece for any occasion. Secondly, I replaced my bandana with a J Ware statement piece that helped tie in some of the olive in my dress and cleaned things up a bit. Honestly, with an embroidered slip like this you cant go wrong with layering as many accessories possible. This piece has such a natural bohemian vibe that the more you add to it the more interesting it becomes!

Dress / Jacket / Boots / Jewelry / Sunglasses