I wanted to style a fun concert look that could mesh with a variety of genres for any girl. SO, first things first get yourself a band tee! I personally love one a bit oversized or distressed but you really cant go wrong and there are so many great options out there. Depending on the type of concert you’re going to, pick one that fits the vibe. For example a Leonard Skynyrd tee would be so cute for country and a Guns and Roses would be perfect for a rock show. You may even want to consider buying the shirt they sell at the concert if you really love the artist and then you can cut it up yourself and make it look more vintage for future shows. Then, add a comfortable pair of denim. Of course I love a good flare but I also think this is a cut that can rep for a variety of music styles as well. Furthermore if you know me, I’m adding a hat (surprise, surprise). Again, match your hat to your theme. This cabby hat is perfect for the alternative rock scene and I would totally do more of a wide brim style for my girl Shania. Last but certainly not least, a girl needs her bag. Everybody whose ever been to concert knows how much of a pain in the ass your purse can be at a show. Sometimes they don’t allow them in if they’re too big and then you’re always worried about what to do with it so that you can be comfortable enough to get into the music. I have the ultimate concert/festival solution…a fanny pack! I really wish I could wear this damn thing everywhere it’s so convenient. And hey, don’t be scared you’re going to look like a “dork!” Haven’t you noticed, these little babes have made quite the comeback and are now more stylish than ever. This belted one I found at Forever I feel was truly made for me, I’m so glad we found each other!

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