Being a maid of honor can be quite the task. First the bridal shower, then the planning of the bachelorette party. It can all be a bit overwhelming especially with the thought of “OMG my best friend is getting married in few weeks” lingering in the back of your mind (eeek!) I wanted the details of my BFFs bachelorette to be absolutely perfect and while I stressed over all the last minute crafting and trying to squeeze way too many outfits, homemade party favors, and inappropriate penis decorations in my suitcase, this bachelorette ended up being the most relaxing and adventurous trip that we all really needed. I would highly recommend Playa Del Carmen or any beach destination to anyone trying to find the perfect place for their bachelorette party. Here are some of my maid of honor musts for those in the planning process…

1.Bride Squad fanny packs. These little packs were probably the most used item on our trip and came in handy more than I ever imagined. I purchased them on Amazon and packed each one of them with little emergency kits to get everyone through the weekend. I got all travel sized items from target to include sunscreen, aloe, chapstick, a granola bar, gum, Propel energy, Advil, bandaids, and of course penis whistles.

2. Sequin trimmed sun hats. This was another one of the most used items on the trip and made for some really great photo ops as well. I spent a few days crafting each of these myself with supplies from Target and Michaels. I’ve had a lot of requests for instructions on how to make these so I’ll plan on doing a separate DIY post down the road for everyone!


3. Obnoxious pool floats. Ok I’m not gunna lie, this was actually hell trying to travel across the country with these things that made my bag weigh over 80 pounds! Not to mention they took forever to inflate and deflate. However, if I had to do it all over again I would still bring them solely based on the fact that they were totally Instagrammable. These floats are available just about everywhere these days but I found the best deals for them on Amazon. I also included little flamingo drink holders that everyone was able to take home with the rest of their party favors.

4. Go on an excursion! I really think this was everyones absolute favorite part of the trip. We made sure to get a full beach day in and relax before, then we spent almost the entire next day at Mystic Adventure. Here we rode ATVs through the jungle to do two different zip lines that ended us in the water where we snorkeled in a cave and eventually ate the most delicious homemade tamales. I think the excursion was about $100 a person and it was worth every single penny. They even take a ton of photos for you throughout the entire adventure making it completely unforgettable!

5. Make a photo booth. This was probably the most fun for me to put together. I ordered a backdrop from Amazon and purchased some letter balloons from Etsy to line up at the top. I also found some really great photo booth props at Target and then I made a few chalkboard sign props from Michaels that I reused from the bridal shower. We got some really great photos here before we all hit the town at night.

6. Bring the hubby. Last but not least, one of the key items I brought with me on the trip was a photo of Jaimes fiance. I had one of his selfies blown up at Office Depot and glued a wooden stick to the back. He was the perfect photobomb as we took him with us just about everywhere we went and I’m sure you an imagine he was in pretty rough shape by the end of the trip!

P.S. Don’t forget to save as much as you can from the bridal shower to tie things together and help save a little cash. I reused a banner, flower crowns, and photo booth props. I was also able to reuse some of the paper products we didn’t end up using such as straws and place cards and used them to help me craft the personal glittered champagne bottles!