This past weekend I hosted my very first bridal shower for my best friend Jaime. It was definitely a learning experience for me but I don’t think I could have even imagined it turning out as amazing as it did. So I thought I would share some of the photos as well as some tips and tricks I picked up along the way.

Here are a couple things you need in order to have the most instagrammable affair…

Flower Crowns: While this was probably one of the most difficult DIYs i’ve ever done, the end result was amazing and they made for the perfect photo props and party favors for everyone. I recommend getting silk flowers from Hobby Lobby and wrapping them around floral wire using floral tape.

Photo Booth: This was a bit intimidating to attempt but was actually pretty easy to put together. I purchased a few wood pieces from Hobby Lobby that connected together to make a frame. We then painted the whole frame gold and super glued more silk flowers to the outside of the frame. I was thinking it could also be cute to add a wedding hashtag at the bottom of the frame or write something like “49 more days till she says I do!”

Photo Booth Props: You can never go wrong with too many props on a occasion like this. Along with the flowers crowns, I purchased ring pops, a fake flower bouquet, and a photo booth prop package I found at Target. My mom also helped me make little chalkboard quotes we bought from Hobby Lobby and used stencils to help us write with the chalk markers.

Chalk Board Signs: There’s something about chalkboard signs that add a little handmade touch to wedding events. I had a couple to label each table but if I had more room I definitely would have added more. The number one chalk board sign you have to have at a bridal shower is the wedding count down. I found some really cute chalk boards in the dollar section at Target and again used the stencils to help me write on them.

Floral Photo Hoop: It’s always nice to have some sort of photo display of the bride and groom at the shower. Here is the DIY I found on Pinterest ( This little project had my mom and I rolling on the floor laughing because it was so difficult. If you follow all the steps in the link above you should be able to achieve it, just make sure you get the ribbons in the middle as tight as possible and you have plenty of super glue just in case!

Piñata: I got lucky and found the most perfect Piñata in the shape of a diamond at Hobby Lobby for $15. This was a great substitute to a lot of the really cheesy games that go on at bridal showers. Plus it’s a good way to get the bride to let a little steam off before the wedding.

Balloons: Balloons is another thing you can never have enough of. One of the bridesmaids picked up a couple latex balloons in the designated wedding colors and I found the “love” script balloon at Urban Outfitters for just $10! The great thing about that balloon is it’s easy to blow up yourself and can be hung horizontally if needed as well.

Banner: A bridal shower banner is a MUST and there are so many cute ones out there these days! I found this silly one on Etsy ( What I love about this one too is that we can reuse it for the bachelorette party as well!

Personalized Treats: Last but not least you have to have plenty of tasty treats to compliment the amount of alcohol you’ll likely be consuming. One of the bridesmaids in our party purchased a bunch of powered sugar donuts from Dunkin Doughnuts and set them with some really cute diamond toppers she found on Etsy.