I want to take a second to talk about one of my all time favorite fashion trends, pom poms. No not those things the cheerleaders use, I’m talking about those little fuzzy balls you used craft with back in elementary school.

I think we were really introduced to these styles last summer but it continued to grow more and more this year. While I do feel it is pretty limited to the summer season, I still think every year you will be able to wear these pieces over and over again since it represents for the time of year so well, just as gingham does. You can seriously find a pom pom on just about anything these days. From handbags, to sandals, to the trim of tops and shorts, when it comes to pom poms, on anything goes. These cute, fuzzy adornments can easy transform something simple into something radiant. Another big plus, I think its totally impossible to be unhappy when wearing these little balls! Just give it a try!

Top / Shorts / Bag / Shoes / Sunglasses