You know me, always down with a good comeback. Sure enough, right after our boy Calvin paid the stores a visit, in came Tommy. I think I’ve always associated these brands as the same and they both scream 1995 to me. It’s hard to say which I like better but I will say I prefer Calvins under garments and Tommys denim. Either way, you cant go wrong reppin either of these comeback kids!

When creating this “Tommy girl” look I knew I wanted to throw in another old school piece to compliment. I found this amazing visor on sale at Free People and thought it was perfect. Maybe you noticed, visors made a big comeback this summer as well, especially the plastic pool styles. Although I feel like I didnt see too many people rocking them on the street this year, I’m hopeful theyll make a return next summer as well.

Shirt / Shorts / Visor / Shoes / Bracelet